Farm Equipment-Motor Vehicle Crash Prevention Conference (FEMVCPC).

Journal of Agromedicine 15(2):92 (2010) PMID 20407988

This plenary talk at the eighth annual Midwest Rural Agricultural Safety and Health Forum, November 2009, described a conference held earlier in the year focusing on the hazards and risks associated with moving agricultural equipment on public roads. The Farm Equipment-Motor Vehicle Crash Prevention Conference (FEMVCPC), March 2009, Des Moines, Iowa, drew 54 participants representing 13 states for presentations and discussions. Data showing that over 1100 farm equipment-motor vehicle crashes occur annually in the Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health's nine-state region document agricultural producer stated concerns. The conference format allowed for presentations from a wide range of perspectives and provided discussion time for caucusing at two levels. The first level involved caucus by specialty (e.g., state agencies, sheriff/highway patrol, driver educators, farmers, retailers/manufacturers). The second level caucuses gathered individuals from their respective states to consider what is being done and what could be done relative to each area identified in the first level caucuses. The final product of the conference was a specific action plan each state group would advocate and bring forward in their state. On-site and 6-month follow-up evaluations with each state group indicated that the conference content increased participant knowledge and provided them with new content to use in current and future state programs. As important is the finding that participants have used conference content to foster interest, new collaborations, and specific project planning related to agricultural roadway transportation issues.

DOI: 10.1080/10599241003627144