[Investigation of radioulnocarpal joint load distribution effects of radial shortening osteotomy for the treatment of Kienböck disease: a biomechanical study].

Eklem hastalıkları ve cerrahisi = Joint disea... 21(2):98 (2010) PMID 20632926

We evaluated the effects of radial shortening osteotomy on the radiolunate joint load distribution. This biomechanical study used standard left wrist models made of solid foam (Sawbones, Malmö, Sweden). The radioulnocarpal joint load distribution was investigated in the normal wrist model and 2 mm and 4 mm radial shortening osteotomy models under 14 kgf and 25 kgf loads when the wrist position was neutral. In the normal wrist group, the comparison of the average pressure distributions under the 14 kgf and 25 kgf loads shows that the increase at the ulnocarpal joint loading and the decrease at the radiolunate joint loading were statistically significant (p=0.012, p=0.036, respectively). When we compared the respective average pressure distributions after 14 kgf and 25 kgf loading, there were no significant differences between the normal wrist and the osteotomy groups. Consequently, radial shortening osteotomy is not effective in decreasing radiolunate joint loading when the wrist is in neutral position.