Synthesis and odor evaluation of five new sulfur-containing ester flavor compounds from 4-ethyloctanoic acid.

Molecules 15(8):5104 (2010) PMID 20714288

Five sulfur-containing flavor compounds were synthesized for the first time by the reaction of 4-ethyloctanoyl chloride with sulfur-containing alcohols or mercaptans. The synthesized compounds are 3-(methylthio)propyl 4-ethyloctanoate, 2-methyl-3-tetrahydro-furanthiol 4-ethyloctanoate, 4-methyl-5-thiazoleethanol 4-ethyloctanoate, 2-furan-methanethiol 4-ethyloctanoate and 2-methyl-3-furanthiol 4-ethyloctanoate. These five synthetic sulfur-containing ester flavor compounds all have meaty odor and might be used in foods if approved for this purpose in the future.

DOI: 10.3390/molecules15085104
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