Obstructive urolithiasis in a Saanen goat in New Zealand, resulting in a ruptured bladder.

New Zealand Veterinary Journal 58(5):269 (2010) PMID 20927179

A 3-year-old male, castrated Saanen goat was presented with an acute onset of vocalisation, abdominal discomfort and 'tail-flagging'. Radiographs, including a positive-contrast study, indicated obstructive urolithiasis, and evidence of rupture of the urethra. Analysis of uroliths identified calcium carbonate crystals. Amputation of the urethral process could not re-establish urethral patency, so a tube cystotomy was performed but also was not successful. Eighteen days after admission, a perineal urethrostomy was performed. However, the goat's condition deteriorated 12 days after the urethrostomy, and the owner consented to euthanasia of the animal. Post-mortem examination revealed a hole 2x1 cm on the dorsal aspect of the bladder, and a necrotic focus measuring approximately 2x3 cm ventrally. Obstructive urolithiasis, with ruptured bladder and urethra. Obstructive urolithiasis is probably an under-reported condition of castrated male goats in New Zealand.

DOI: 10.1080/00480169.2010.69302