[Principles of the management of adult inguinal hernia--recommendations by the European Hernia Society].

Magyar Sebészet (Hungarian Journal of Surgery) 63(5):287 (2010) PMID 20965861

The European Hernia Society (EHS) presented the EHS Guidelines for the Treatment of Inguinal Hernia in Adult Patients. The Guidelines contain recommendations for the management of inguinal hernia from diagnosis to aftercare. These have been developed by a Working Group consisting of expert surgeons with representatives of 14 member countries of the EHS. The Guidelines are evidence-based and, when necessary, a consensus of all members was reached. The Guidelines have been reviewed by a Steering Committee as well. Before finalisation, feedback from the relevant national hernia societies was obtained. The Guidelines can be used to adjust local protocols, training purposes as well as quality control. In order to keep them updated the next revision will be published in 2012. A short update of new high-level evidence will be provided by the Working Group during the EHS annual congress until the next revision.

DOI: 10.1556/MaSeb.63.2010.5.1