Multiple recombinant antigens of Clonorchis sinensis for serodiagnosis of human clonorchiasis.

Parasitology Research 108(5):1295 (2011) PMID 21125293

Antigenic proteins from Clonorchis sinensis have been previously purified and evaluated for their antigenicity to enable the serodiagnosis of clonorchiasis. Though they were of high specificity, molecularly defined proteins were reported to be less sensitive as single antigens than crude antigen. To resolve this issue, 11 clones were selected by immunoscreening an adult C. sinensis cDNA library using infected human sera. Mixed antigens were prepared using recombinant proteins of positive clones and investigated for antigenicity by immunoblotting against C. sinensis- and helminth-infected patient sera. A mixed antigen of recombinant 28 and 26 kDa glutathion S-transferases (Cs28GST and Cs26GST) produced 76% sensitivity and 95% specificity. Furthermore, a triple mix of recombinant Cs26GST and Cs28GST with vitelline precursor protein pushed up the sensitivity to 87% and maintained specificity at 95%. It is proposed that multiple antigen mixes should be further studied to develop rapid serodiagnostic test kits for the serodiagnosis of human clonorchiasis.

DOI: 10.1007/s00436-010-2179-1