[Problems of the revised organ transplantation law for organ donation from child].

Nippon rinsho. Japanese journal of clinical med... 68(12):2322 (2010) PMID 21174699

The revised organ transplantation law has been gone into effect from July, 2010 in Japan. We discuss about the problems for organ procurement system from the point of a donor hospital. These problems are heavy burden for donor hospital and organ procurement from a donor of child. The criteria of brain death of child have to be established. And the donation of organ spends much time and requires many specialists. For example, it takes about more than 45 hours from the diagnosis of clinical brain death to the end of organ harvesting. To reduce a heavy burden for a donor hospital, supporting system have to be established for the donor hospital and the donor family. The organ procurement procedure is strictly regulated by the legal guidelines; we propose that the new framework is redesigned rapidly within the new law and the guidelines.