Function and histopathology of a cell adhesion molecule TSLC1 in cancer.

Cancer Investigation 29(2):107 (2011) PMID 21329006

Even less than a decade since the discovery of TSLC1, overwhelming evidence demonstrates that the loss of TSLC1 expression by methylation-mediated epigenetic silencing or LOH is crucially implicated in various processes during tumorigenesis. Here, we summarize TSLC1 function, highlighting the concept that TSLC1 mediates the formation of tumor suppressor network via its multidomain structure and bridges extracellular adhesive activity with intracellular signaling. Next, we focus on the histopathology of TSLC1 in various cancers and the association with clinicopathological characteristics. On the basis of these, we propose that TSLC1 represents a promising biomarker for cancer diagnosis and a potential target for cancer therapy.