[Experience in diagnostics and treatment of patients with odontogenous maxillary sinusitis].

Stomatologiia 90(3):59 (2011) PMID 21716241

210 sick dontogenous maxillary sinusitis were studied. To 150 patients surgical treatment with use of a method of a osteo-plastic sinusotomy of a genyantrum is lead. Patients have been taken on a dispensary observation. According to the lead postoperative computer tomography of additional sinuses of a nose in two projections, and also ortopantomography, rentgenographies of sinuses in semiaxial projection, the pneumatization of the operated genyantrums has not been disturbed, the osteal forward wall has been kept on all extent, was absent retraction soft tissues of infraorbital area, that as a whole speaks about efficiency and not so traumaticaly the lead surgical treatment. The offered way of surgical treatment promotes to the greatest degree to conservation of anatomic structures of maxillofacial area, possessing the least traumatism in comparison with other ways. This technique is simple, effective and does not demand application of the expensive equipment.