Chemoprevention by antineoplaston A10 of benzo(a)pyrene-induced pulmonary neoplasia.

Drugs Under Experimental and Clinical Research 13 Suppl 1:51 (1987) PMID 3569016

The effect of Antineoplaston A10 (AA10), an amino acid derivative isolated from human urine, has been studied on pulmonary adenoma formation resulting from intragastric administration of benzo(a)pyrene(BP) to A/HeJ mice. Two doses of BP, 3 mg each, administered two weeks apart, induced an average of 6.86 tumours within 157 days in the control animals (Tumorigenic Index 437). One per cent of AA10 (w/w) given in mouse food for one week prior to, and then continued after the administration of BP, produced a 70% reduction in the total number of tumours in the test groups.