Autoantibody to centromere (kinetochore) in scleroderma sera.

PNAS 77(3):1627 (1980) PMID 6966403 PMCID PMC348550

Sera from patients with scleroderma contained several autoantibodies to nuclear antigens which were distinguished by different patterns of nuclear immunofluorescence staining. One of these autoantibodies reacted with centromeric regions of chromosomes. In chromosome spreads, the staining appeared as two small spheres at the centromere, resembling kinetochores. The antigenic determinant appeared to be a protein or polypeptide tightly bound to DNA. The autoantibody was reactive with centromeres of cells derived from humans, mice, and Chinese hamsters. The autoantibody was present in high frequency in the calcinosis/Raynaud's phenomenon/esophageal dysmotility/sclerodactyly/telangiectasia variant (CREST) of scleroderma.