[The induction by the influenza virus A/H1N1 (serovariant Hsw1N1) and its glycoproteins of congenital pathology in mice].

Voprosy Virusologii 38(1):2 (1993) PMID 8073739

Influenza A/H1N1 (serovariant Hsw1N1) virus, a sum of isolated glycoproteins, separately neuraminidase "heads", inoculated into white random-bred female mice, induced in some of the offsprings the pathology clinically and pathomorphologically similar to previously described slow virus infection. At the same time, the pathology in the offsprings caused by the antigenic virus variant under study was characterized by complete absence of fur and more dynamic progress of the disease. It is quite obvious that glycoproteins, particularly neuraminidase, are the molecular biological basis of dystrophic and degenerative changes in the organs of baby mice due to desialization and increased fluidity of capillary endothelium membranes and, possibly, CNS and other organ cells.